Fieldwork and news from the lab

This month we did fieldwork in the Parc des Grands Jardins and collected reindeer lichens (Cladonia stellaris) for whole genome sequencing.

We got also great news, Lilisbeth del Carmen Rodríguez-Castro obtained a prestigious ELAP fellowship to visit the lab from August 2023-February 2024.  Lilisbeth will be working on the metagenomic assembly of bacterial epiphytes associated to the canopy gymnosperm, Zamia pseudoparasitica. Bravo Lilisbeth !

Zamia pseudoparasitica. Photo by Adriel Sierra

Finally, Adriel M. Sierra Pinilla was awarded a grant from the Cycad Society to study the interaction between leaf microbiome and metabolomics of two endemic Panamanian Zamias! Bravo Adriel !!